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listening to "Young MC - Bust a Move" on Blip [3.14.10(5:25am)]
Go Mr. Schue!

listening to "Feeling Groovy by Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel" on Blip [3.11.10(7:15am)]
yup =]

listening to "Superchick- Alive" on Blip [3.10.10(4:52am)]
Don't bury me, I'm not yet dead...

listening to "Aerosmith - Pink" on Blip [3.08.10(4:11am)]
I may hate the color, but the song is certainly hilarious.

listening to "Glee Cast - Imagine (HQ) [Haverbrook School for the Deaf Version]" on Blip [3.07.10(6:19am)]
Makes me cry every time. Amazing.

listening to "OneRepublic - All The Right Moves" on Blip [3.06.10(10:40pm)]
Sounds like the old OR, but still newly edgy.

listening to "Look after you - The fray" on Blip [3.06.10(11:03am)]
I found a friend - or, should I say a foe?

listening to "Defying Gravity - Glee Cast" on Blip [3.04.10(6:19am)]

listening to "Jason Manns - Vision" on Blip [3.04.10(6:16am)]
Is lovin' Jensen's bestest friend =]

I have a great metaphor for writing. [7.05.09(12:28pm)]
[ mood | pensive ]

It was spawned by fanfiction, a venerable institution unto itself, but it's applicable to all forms of writing.

Imagine the plotline, story, to be a shelf. It can be wood, glass, plastic... whatever, depends on the type of story of course. Each writer picks the substance from which they create their shelf.

And then, they pick the supports. In my opinion, the supports equal the writing.

You can have supports with no shelf (PWP, anyone?), but you certainly can't have a shelf with no supports.

In some cases, the supports are stronger than the shelf (Harry Potter); in some cases, the shelf is heavier than the supports, and they either fail completely to hold the shelf, or they make it lopsided and very unsteady (Twilight). Shelves of this persuasion are supported by different supports, which are varied in nature and different than the originals (fanfiction).


If you have a fanfiction, the shelf is going to obviously contain parts of the original shelf, but in order to stand in its own right, the shelf has to have some originality.

In order to make my theory clearer, I'll give some examples from the Twilight fanficdom.

Poughkeepsie, in my opinion, has the most colorful shelf I've ever seen in my life. It's incandescent, shiny, sparkly and aggressively, heartbreakly beautiful. Its supports are nearly invisible, but the more you see of them, the more you want to keep seeing them. In this case, the plot and story are so unique, the only thing that writing can do to them is improve them - and that is certainly what Mrs.TheKing does here. Her writing is prosaic, dreamy, and poignant, and she supports her characters and story so well that the support is barely felt - it's jsut so real. You want to be hugged by Emmett and even knifed by Rosalie; you want to be the piece of cardboard that Edward faithfully taps on, and you yearn to be the pew that Jasper frequents. Everything draws you in, and there's nothing more delicious than being drawn into this masterpiece.

Over The Top's shelf is clear-cut black and white, ebony and ivory, swirling around each other, with the occaisional shot of brilliant rainbow colors. Everything is very outlined - no blurry colors here. The effect is striking - reality mixed with naked feelings that show so clearly, your eyes hurt. Like after staring at something bright for too long, this story will stun you and make you want more more more more more. The supports are simple - smooth ebony. Not only do they do a beautiful job of holding up the shelf, they complement it perfectly. Designer fanfiction, srsly. The stark reality of it all makes you want to blur it up - but you can't, and you'd rather keep it that way. It's jarring, beautiful, sobering and so sharply brilliant it makes you want to cry.

All I Ever Knew has the added privilege of having a flavor, as well as a color. It tastes like smooth reassurance, like sharp unfamiliarity and fundamental lust. The colors are smooth and dark, like chocolate and coffee, green and blue. It's blurred, but on the other hand, it just makes you want to cuddle nonstop with it. The supports are polka-dotted, but not garishly. They add color and clear, singular feelings to the fic, where the plot fails to delineate them. This technique holds alot of potholds, but manyafandom manages to skip over them effortlessly.

This is kinda fun. I'll continue the reviews later, when I have more time. Meanwhile - if I don't get back soon, I'll have you know that I'm glued to the Sims.


Almost Lover: A Jacob/Bella fanmix [6.29.09(12:35pm)]
[ mood | busy ]


Download fanmix

Download fanmix

Explanations and lyrics under the cut.Collapse )

Title: Addiction
Author: gabz33
Rating: PG13

1. Open your music player, set it on random and press play.
2. Write a drabble about a pairing of your choice, inspired by the song.
3. You have the duration of the song to write, then you have to go on to the next one.
4. Write 10 of these and post them on your journal. Good luck!


[1] Cranberries – Animal Instinct

The second I saw him, I knew. Nothing else concerned me – the line of guys impatiently waiting for their turn – drumming on the walls or on their knees nervously, the heat, Tom’s suspicious looks – I picked him out. We have our drummer.
“Auditions closed,” I called out. A few of them groaned, but they left nonetheless. I motioned him over and shook his hand, searching his eyes.
“Welcome to McFly, Harry. Happy to have you here.”


[2] Hoobastank – Same Direction

“What the hell...?!” I stood in the doorway, mouth agape. Danny was standing there, bags packed and a dangerously set expression on his face.
“I’m leaving,” he answered my unasked question. “I can’t take Tom’s fucking comments, I just – CAN’T!” he roared, then collapsed onto the bed.
I hurried to his side, sat next to him and hugged his shoulders tightly. “Don’t listen to him,” I said soothingly. He looked at me with the standard unreadable expression.
“Easy for you to say,” he muttered. “I’m the one vouching for you and taking all the shite.”


[3] Led Zeppelin – Black Dog

“Let’s party!” Dougie yelled, waving his fresh ID. “I’m legal!”
30 minutes later found us in a club downtown, dancing like there was no tomorrow; I was ensconced at the bar, trying to get the bartender to take my order.
“Shy, Jones?” I heard him say from behind me; he slipped onto a stool next to me, motioned, and within seconds, two beers were pushed our way. He was sweaty, elated and downright adorable.
“Nope, Judd, just trying to get a bloody drink,” I said and took a pull of my Guinness, desperately trying to keep my mind off him. This is getting way too dangerous.


[4] Linkin Park - Crawling

“Danny?” I called out into the darkness; I was stumbling into the room after a wild night, but I couldn’t find Danny.
And why did I need to find him, anyways? I shooed that thought out of my head and bumped my way through the room to the sliver of light that was peeking out from under the door to the bathroom.
I opened the door and was met with Danny’s curved back as he leaned over the toilet, retching his insides out. I dropped to my knees and smoothed his too-long hair back, cursing softly all the while under my breath.
Later, when we were safely tucked into bed, he said two words that made me fall harder then I ever did before.
“Thanks, mate.”


[5] Justin Timberlake – Let’s Take A Ride

“Nice ride, man.” I grinned at Harry, who smirked at me behind his pilot sunglasses. His wreck of a car was currently on a car lift in the shop, being checked out by a technician, and we were waiting for it to be done with so we could go meet the rest of the guys.
“I have a feeling that an amusement park bumper car would be better than that pile of junk,” I said jokingly; Harry snorted.
“Don’t hurt its feelings,” he said contentedly. “I named it Jones, after you.”
“Really?” I asked after recovering from the tingly shock. He nodded and kept his eyes trained on the window.
“It’s fucked-up like you, and I like it.”


[6] RHCP – This Is The Place

I crashed the cymbals and reveled in the screaming fangirls and storms of clapping; walking backstage, followed by veils of adoration, I searched for Danny.
We were supposed to go drinking and dancing after the show, scoping out the American girls in LA and possibly scoring with one of the ladies (rumored to be tanned in ne’er-before-seen places on their body), but I couldn’t find him.
And then I remembered the bathroom.
I sped towards the flimsy stalls and rapped on the only occupied one. “Get out here, now!” I barked, more from fear than anger.
The door flew open, and there, slumped on the floor, was Danny, with an empty syringe next to him.
My ears filled with static and my vision was frighteningly clear as I picked him up, slinged him over my shoulders in a fireman’s lift, and walked numbly towards the van.


[7] Elton John – Your Song

“Where am I?” My vision was blurry, my throat felt like someone sliced it up with a box cutter and my eyes refused to open.
“In your hotel room, you wanker,” I heard Harry say quietly next to me. I forced my eyelids open – a big mistake, according to my head – and squinted, finally making out Harry at the small table with a notebook, several crumpled up pieces of paper and a chewed-on pencil. He turned around, pulled something off the counter and offered it to me; it was a cup of coffee, just like I liked it – black and 3 teaspoons of sugar.
“What’s that?” I gestured to the notebook. He slammed it closed and wiped his face blank.
“None of your business.”


[8] Hoobastank – Crawling In The Dark

“WHERE IS HE?!” I roared, face red and veins popping. The barista shrugged mutely, terrified; I ran out of the Starbucks, blindly running, searching, looking, praying that he didn’t read it...
And, as I rounded the corner and saw him leaning against the wall with the notebook open and the most curious look I’ve ever seen on his face, I knew he read it.
“Interesting, what you can find out on a bathroom break,” he said conversationally and held out the notebook. “Take it.” I took it from his hand, opened my mouth to explain myself – and he turned his back on me and walked away.


[9] Backstreet Boys – Larger Than Life

“How do you do it, man?” Dougie panted, shooting into the limo like a bullet and slamming the door so har that the reinforced glass shuddered. I shrugged, trying to keep the smirk off my face, but it failed and Dougie scowled.
“Well, I know of at least one person that you can’t escape,” he said shiftily; I raised a questioning eyebrow and he mouthed ‘Harry’.
My insides took a running jump into euphoria. “Nah, he hates me,” I said dismissively. Dougie shook his head and snorted. “If you saw how he looks at you, you’d understand. Shame you don’t talk, though.”
“Yeah, well,” I said quietly, wishing Harry and Tom were here and not at a random club, “some things can never happen.”
Even though I wished that they would.


[10] Sean Paul feat. Rihanna – Break It Off

The next night found us at the biggest dance club in LA, dancing and going crazy. The music was blaring, the alcohol was flowing and I was in a tight lock with a voluptuous, coffee-skinned girl when someone pushed a shoulder in and faced me.
I opened my mouth, ready to rip the interferer apart verbally. when I saw it was Danny. He grabbed my hand and started pulling me through the crowd, cleaving through the twisting bodies with his shoulder. I didn’t respond, just followed, numb with shock and hope.
We reached the entrance to the club; he burst out the doors, still holding my wrist in a death grip, then flattened me against the walls to the club and put his palms on either side of my head.
“What the he—” was all I was able to utter before his lips were on mine.
Force of habit lowered my lids; my hands slid into his hair out of their own accord, and as my mind was trying to process this, he drew back and took a gulp of air.
“Wow,” he breathed. Then he looked at my shell-shocked expression and his face clouded with worry. “Harry?”
I closed my eyes, took my own gulp of oxygen, grabbed onto the back of his neck and leaned in for another kiss.


[11] Regina Spektor - Samson


[ mood | content ]

From now on, anyone who wants to be bored with my life (although why is beyond me) has to comment, and I'll add them.

If I know them, of course. =]


Drabbles100 [2.04.07(2:04pm)]
[ mood | rushed ]

I've just joined a new community, drabbles100. The aim is to pick a fandom/character/both and write 100 drabbles about them, by the prompts. The table is hereCollapse ). I have 2 fandoms to do, M*A*S*H (Hawkeye) and the Sil (Maedhros).

Wish me luck!

[ mood | bored ]

What Species of Mary Sue Are You?

You are Mulier badasstica pseudofeminista, the Grrl Sue. Your aggressively bitchy "feminist" stance only causes men / boys / male elves to posture the more, and you fall for it. And them. Surprise, surprise.
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Last one.

Meme [12.22.06(1:46pm)]
[ mood | calm ]

Taken from calliopepurple.

Things I Did Last YearCollapse )


My Chanuka Stocking [12.12.06(1:15pm)]
[ mood | creative ]

my chanuka stockingCollapse )

A little bit of fun... [11.28.06(2:08pm)]
[ mood | discontent ]

If you are reading this, ask me four questions-- any four, no matter how personal, dirty, private, or absurd. I have to answer them honestly. In turn, you have to post this message in your own journa land you have to answer the questions that are asked of you.

Taken from Camilla Sandman's journal. Go on, ask. =]

Long time no see (a real update, that is.) [11.21.06(7:16pm)]
[ mood | tired ]

Well, here I am with a real entry.


Anyways. Life's a b!tch right now, with all the tests and damn book reports and thangs. Really annoying. I know the language,w hy do I need to LEARN it?!

New fic up on fanfiction.net, check out Agent Mackenzie (s/n). What Saddam REALLY deserves.

I'm hungry. Off to supper.




Quizzes. Should I rename this journal or something? [11.07.06(6:49pm)]
See title. So...yeah. That's what happens when you have no social life, except a pretend boyfriend.Collapse )

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