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gabz33's Journal

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Age: Too young to drink and too old to wear footsie pajamas.

Gender: Female (thank G-d)

About me: Do you really want to know? I'll tell you anyways. I have a unique personality, being both random and serious at once; my favorite pastime is reading up on random and interesting facts and spouting them to anyone, anywhere, anytime. That's why people must think I'm weird. Another reason is that I have both an analytical and literary mind. Translation for the laypeople: I love all sciences and all 'book subjects' (philosophy, history, literature and the like), and therefore am in constant and painful conflict with myself over what I'm doing with my life.

Music preferences: Very unique.

Looks: I'll leave it up to your imagination.

Contact me: By commenting on my last post and I'll get back to you.

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